MOONS: assembly completed

Another step forward for MOONS, the multi-object optical and infrared spectrograph under construction for ESO's Very Large Telescope in Chile: the assembly of the various components at the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh was successful.
First the mechanics for the two large collimators of the spectrograph were created, then those for the dichroics and finally the cryogenic handling systems capable of moving over 400 kg of optical and mechanical components that make up the H and RI branches, allowing you to switch from high resolution mode to low resolution mode in a few seconds. Everything was made, assembled and tested in Italy, then shipped at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh  where the optics were assembled, under our supervision.

Andrea Tozzi is system engineer of the optomechanical components of MOONS in charge of INAF-Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory.

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Credits: David Lee/ Royal Observatory of Edinburgh