The first light of the Adaptive Optics system of the ERIS instrument

On February, the ERIS instrument's Adaptive Optics system captured its first light at ESO's Very Large Telescope (Cerro Paranal, Chile). Below (left), the images of the star HD101452 observed at 2.2 microns affected by the seeing (turbulence of our atmosphere); on the right, the Adaptive Optics system corrects the effects of turbulence in real time.


Screenshot 2022 05 05 at 12.11.46

Credits: ESO/ERIS collaboration

Team INAF-OAA (responsible for the ERIS Adaptive Optics system)
Co-PI: S. Esposito; AO System Engineer: A. Riccardi; Software and Assembly, Integration and Verification: A. Puglisi, P. Grani; Assembly, Integration and Verification: R. Briguglio, M. Bonaglia, L. Carbonaro; Data analysis: G. Agapito; Science Committee: F. Mannucci, G. Cresci.