AstroBio-CubeSat: a new tool for astrobiology in space

abcs 2AstroBio CubeSat (ABCS) is an Italian 3U CubeSat has been launched by ESA VEGA-C Maiden Flight on July 13th, 2022. ABCS hosts a micro laboratory payload for research in astrobiology, life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical technologies. The objective of the project is to test in space environments MEO (within Van Allen belt) an automatic laboratory based on origami lab-on-chip technology, able to provide a highly integrated in-situ multiparameter platform that uses immunoassay tests exploiting chemiluminescence detection.

The experiments will aim at evaluating the functional tests of the device (delivery of reagents, mixing of chemicals, detection of emitted photons, electronics, data storage and transmission) and the stability of chemicals and biomolecules (e.g., immunoassays exploiting chemiluminescence detection) in space conditions for astrobiological investigations.

The Project is supported by ASI in cooperation with INAF, INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri and School of Aerospace Engineering - Università Sapienza di Roma.

INAF-OAA (science, design, management): J. Brucato (PI).