Research on History of Astronomy

A small group of people in Arcetri does research on:

  • Astronomy & Astrophysics in Italy in the XIX century.
  • History of the Arcetri Observatory.
  • Activity of astronomers related to Arcetri: Giovan Battista Amici, Giovan Battista Donati, Ernst Wilhelm Leberecht Tempel, Antonio e Giorgio Abetti etc. 
  • Arcetri's Heritage: instruments, documents & decorations.

Research is carried out maily by studying unpublished documents in several historical archives, including that of the Arcetri Observatory and of the other institutes belonging to the National Institute for Astrophysics.

Pubblications in English (for our publication in Italian, see this page):

 Group members: Simone Bianchi, Daniele Galli, Antonella Gasperini.