Arcetri Radioastronomy Group

At Arcetri a Radio Astronomy observative and instrumental group is active. The main interest of the observative group is the study of molecular lines and continuum emission in star forming regions. A catalog of all known maser sources north of -30 degrees is kept updated and is made available to anyone interested. The instrumental group works in close cooperation with the Radio Astronomy Institute of the Italian CNR (Bologna), that operates the Medicina and Noto VLBI Radiotelescopes.

The group is involved  in the design phase for the Atacama Large Miillimeter Array, a (sub)millimeter interferometer with a large collecting area (about 10000 m2). This project is expected to be finished in the year 2010 and results from the coordinated effort of the European and American scientific community.

You can get more information on following subjects:

And on the following instruments:

  • Medicina and Noto radiotelescopes
  • ADLB Autocorrelation spectrometer
  • Arcos Autocorrelation spectromete
  • Doppler tracking and Gravitational Wave receiver
  • Microwave Holographic measurements of radio telescopes
  • Spectrometer prototypes for the Sardinia Radio Telescope
  • Our involvement in the Atacama Large Millimiter Array (ALMA) project
  • A digital receiver for the Uniboard Radionet FP7 Joint Research Activity

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