Arcetri H2O Maser catalog

The Arcetri Catalog contains measures and bibliographic data for all known H2O maser sources north of declination = -30 degrees (to be observable with the Medicina radiotelescope). All sources have been reobserved with the Medicina telescope to obtain a consistent observational database. The original database contains all sources observed before 1988, and, for each source, the following informations:

  • Right ascension and declination (1950 mean position) expressed in sessagesimal notation (format I2I2I2I3, for hour/degrees, minutes, seconds and mas)
  • Source name
  • Classification (Late type star, HII region, unspecified IRAS source, unknown)
  • Galactic coordinates (lII, bII)
  • Peak flux measured (Jy)
  • Peack LSR velocity (Km/s)
  • Bibliographic references

    This database is fully described in Cesaroni et al. (1988).

    TXT Database file (65K)

    Sources are mainly concentrated in the galactic plane, and towards the galactic centre, as shown in the galactic projection below.

    The first work consisted in a re-observation of all known masers, to obtain a sort of instantaneous picture of their level of activity. Of the 505 independent positions (sources in Cesaroni et al (1988) separated by less than 30'' were considered as a single source, given the 1.9 arcmin HPBW of the Medicina observations) 203 were detected above a threshold sensitivity of 9 Jy (Comoretto et al 1990, Brand et al 1994)

    The resulting Arcetri atlas contains:

  • Source name, both in IRAS catalog and as common name
  • Right ascension and declination (as above)
  • Classification (as above)
  • Date of observation
  • Resolution bandwidth (Km/s)
  • Internal reference number for the observation
  • Noise level in the observed spectrum (Jy)
  • Range of LSR velocities observed, and LSR velocity of emission peak
  • Peak emission (Jy) and integrated flux (Jy Km/s)
  • Bibliographic references

    TXT Arcetri atlas file (143K)

    The catalog is constantly updated (Brand et al, 1994) and, to our knowledge, contains all sources detected notrh of -30 degrees declination.

    A statistical analysis on the atlas has been carried (Palagi et al 1993).


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