Galaxies are the building blocks of our Universe, and star-forming molecular clouds are the building blocks of galaxies. There is now growing interest in the possibility that star formation on small scales is linked to the galactic environment on large scales. The aim of this International Conference is to explore the possibility that cosmic gas accretion regulates galaxy growth, star formation, and many other properties of galaxies throughout cosmic time.
The meeting will take place in Spineto (ITALY), an old abbey surrounded by farmhouses in Tuscany, where we plan to host about 80 scientists. Spineto offers a unique environment for sharing knowledge and stimulating imaginative discussions. Previous astronomical meetings at Spineto include IMF@50 (2004), HI survival (2007), SFR@50 (2009), and Metals in Tuscany (2012).

Scientific Organizing Committee

Andreas Burkert (Ludwig-Maximilians Univ., Munchen, Germany)
Edvige Corbelli (LOC, INAF-Arcetri, Firenze, Italy)
Avishai Dekel (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel)
Bruce Elmegreen (IBM Watson Center, NY, USA)
Debra Elmegreen (Vassar College, NY, USA)
Francesco Palla (LOC, INAF-Arcetri, Firenze, Italy)
Xavier Prochaska (Univ. California Santa Cruz, USA)

Conference Poster available here.


Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri