20th-23rd April 2015

days to the event!


The Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area Survey (CALIFA) is built on a large international collaboration started in 2010 and now including more than 90 astronomers in 25 different institutions spread in 17 different Countries, including INAF-Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory.

Collaboration meetings called “Busy weeks” are organized periodically by different member institutions. In 2015 the 8th busy week takes place in Firenze, in Galileo Galilei’s villa “il Gioiello”, located in the gorgeous hills in the southern side of the city.

INAF-Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory

is pleased to host the 8th CALIFA Busy Week

in Firenze, at Galileo Galilei’s Villa “il Gioiello”

After the second public data release on the 1st October 2014 (DR2, García-Benito et al. 2014) and with more than 500 galaxies observed to-date, CALIFA has entered its maturity. The 8th Busy Week will be devoted to the discussion of the latest scientific results produced by the members of the collaborations, of the progress in the data reduction and analysis algorithm and of the future perspectives for the final public release of the data.

We all hope for a great inspiration from the place where Galileo forcedly spent his last years and produced some of the most remarkable advances for the physical science.

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Anna Gallazzi

Stefano Zibetti