Arcetri Solar Physics Group

The Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory (OAA), part of the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF), has a long tradition of solar physics studies. These initiated more than a century ago (and with Galileo before that), and continues with a significant number of researchers involved in solar and plasma physics issues.

Researchers are now divided between the Observatory and the Astronomy and Space Sciences Department of the University of Firenze, who cooperate on a variety of projects.

Scientific expertise includes solar surface magnetism, studies of explosive phenomena, solar instrumentation, and theory of the generation and transfer of polarised radiation in the solar atmosphere and the solar corona. Some of these topics are described in more detail below.

Solar Physics Group Members
Related Projects
Research Topics
     Corona and Solar Wind
Space-based observations of the extended solar atmosphere
     High Resolution Solar Studies
Observations of the solar photosphere and chromosphere at high resolutions
     Solar Activity
Studies of the solar chromospheric response to flares
     Solar Instrumentation
Innovative interferometric instruments for bi-dimensional solar spectroscopy
Polarization of the radiation emitted by objects of astrophysical interest
     Atmospheric Refraction code available here.

Last Updated: 19 September, 2006