Leslie Hunt

My research interests include ISM diagnostics for star-formation processes, and structural properties of AGN host galaxies and normal spiral bulges and disks. At the moment, the main topic is the molecular content and dust properties of low-metallicity starbursts and GRB host galaxies with observations from Spitzer, IRAM, Herschel, and ALMA,

In the context of the NUclei of GAlaxies (NUGA) consortium, based on data from the Plateau de Bure interferometer and now NUGA south with data from ALMA, I study AGN feeding mechanisms and star-formation processes around AGN.

I'm a CoI in the Herschel Open Time Key Project for nearby star-forming galaxies, KINGFISH, headed by Rob Kennicutt and Daniela Calzetti. Like others at Arcetri, I'm also a member of the HeViCS collaboration, a Herschel Open Time Key Project led by Jon Davies to image the Virgo Cluster at infrared wavelengths.