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XUVLab website

XUVLab  is an Academic Research & Technology Center involved in challenging scientific national and international programs in the field of:

UV polarimetry
Solar space missions
High-energy astrophysics
Visible and UV cameras and detectors
Design and stray light analysis of optical systems
Material science & processing for innovative detectors

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I'm a founding member of the:



    I'm a Young Scientist fellow at INAF-Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory in Florence (ITALY) working as a member of the XUVLab laboratory in Arcetri place, located at the premises of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Florence. My research interests and activities mainly lies in the field of technologies and electronics instrumentation for ground and space-based Astrophysics and Polarimetry/Spectropolarimetry. I'm involved in the design and development of satellite On Board Data Processing Electronics, like the METIS Processing and Power Unit (MPPU) for the coronagraph of the Solar Orbiter Mission and the Instrument Control Unit (ICU) for the EChO Mission.
In the past I worked on Payload Data Processing Electronics and both on CCD and CMOS sensors with their proximity and readout electronics, on fast diamond detectors readout electronics for Synchrotron beam positioning monitors and I was interested in low frequency electro-magnetic simulations for civil pourposes.
In this website you'll find any information about my past and present works, my Ph.D Thesis, my publications and presentations and more. For any question, curiosity or further information please contact me at the following address:

XUVLab – Technology and Instrumentation for Astrophysics

c/o Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Florence

L.go E. Fermi, 2 - 50125 Firenze (Italia)

Tel.+39-055-205-5213, Fax.+39-055-205-5252


skype: astrofoca

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