Instructions for Proceedings

Thanks to an agreement with the Italian Astronomical Society (SAIt), the conference proceedings will be published on "Memorie della SAIt" journal.

All the files needed to prepare your contribution (including a template LaTeX file) can be downloaded here. Figures will only be accepted in postscript or encapsulated postscript.

The maximum number of pages, including figures, tables, and references, depends on the type of contribution, according to the following scheme:
Reviews: 7 pages
Invited: 5 pages
Contributed: 3 pages
Posters: 2 pages
Given the limited space available for poster contributions, in this case, and ONLY in this case, references can be given directly in the text as, e.g., "see Smith et al. (2000, ApJ, 555, 111)". Instead, all other contributions must include the usual "References" section at the end of the text.

Figures can be printed in colour, if necessary, but the cost will be charged to the authors. Therefore, we assume that all figures will be printed in black & white, unless otherwise specified by the author.

Please provide us with the following:
LaTeX file of your contribution
figures (if any) in postscript or encapsulated postscript (other formats are not acceptable)
pdf file of your contribution
Although not mandatory, it would be very helpful for us if you could name your files with your surname, like in the following example: smith.tex smith_fig1.eps smith.pdf

All files should be sent by email to (if too large for emailing, please provide a link for downloading them).
Since the conference proceedings will appear on the December issue of the "Memorie della SAIt", the publisher has imposed a sharp deadline to the editors. Therefore, it is mandatory that all contributions will be submitted by AUGUST 31, 2017.

If any of you would like to send some picture that we may consider adding to the proceedings, if space is available, please mail them separately with the label and credit for caption.