Tirgo images of the impact of SL9 on Jupiter

These images have been obtained by F. Mannucci, G.P. Tozzi and R. Stanga in July 1994, on 5 nights before, during and shortly after the period of the impacts of the fragments of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 (1993e) on Jupiter.
Details on observations, data reduction and scientific results can be found in G.P. Tozzi et al, 1994, Earth, Moon and Planets, 66, 83, or in this Postscript file (7 pages, 2 included figures, gziped, 43 KB)
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Before (Jul 15) and after the first impacts (Jul 17); images at 2.35 mic.

After some impacts (Jul 22); images at 1.64 and 2.35 mic.

Before (Jul 15) and after all the impacts (Jul 24); images at 2.35 mic.

Observations of Jul 24; images at 1.64, 2.12 and 2.35 mic.